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with Mycanoe

MYCANOE had been wanting to develop an innovative outdoor equipment to allow
people to enjoy their outdoor activities without wasting their time in the
equipment transportation and installation.
Also, we wished that leisure activities of the users, which had been only limited to
land activities, to be expanded to water sports.
With this desire, we have developed a portable and foldable canoe.

A boat inside the trunk of my car! The foldable canoe, MYCANOE!
With MYCANOE, anyone can enjoy water sports once they reach the waterside by
taking out a boat from the trunks of their cars. MYCANOE hopes that the users
can recharge their energy and recover their daily life through exciting and
enjoyable adventures, and it will steadily develop various types of equipment
which will be able to contribute to it.


MYCANOE’s Awards
& Certifications

Introducing our certificates and awards, verified by various certification bodies.
MYCANOE is continually producing innovative and convenient leisure boats,
hoping to contribute to the outdoor leisure activities of all.


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